Basic Agreements

Foundational Documents

Life in Alleluia is structured around a full life in the Holy Spirit, including agreements, accountability, scripture study, teachings, formations programs, recreation, ministry and service. In the earlier years of the community our agreements and beliefs held in common were unwritten.

As the community grew and our numbers increased it became more difficult to maintain a common memory, interpretation and understanding of our agreements. In March 1999 the Governmental Council developed the first draft of the documents that would articulate the principles, values, agreements, and structures, which are part of the life of the Alleluia Community. The Community then entered a period of internal dialogue through the process of input and consultation that led to the development and confirmation of our Foundational Documents.

We have made these Foundational Documents available to our visitors because of the insight they provide into the life of the Alleluia Community. Links to the documents are found in the left margin of this page.

We hope that the fruit of our 28+ years of building and living a community life together will be an inspiration and blessing to you. We are always ready to assist others who hear the call to build Christian Community.