Best toddler coddler car seat pillow buyers’ guide

The American Journal of Paediatrics has published research showing how several babies have died due to sleeping in car seats- mostly due to the improper use of the restraints. They also advise constant supervision at all times. It is the wish of every parent to make their baby be as comfortable as possible. To achieve this, you need the best toddler coddler car seat pillow.

Considerations when choosing support pillow for your baby

1. Safety and the ability to be breathable

This is the first thing you need to consider. Get a soft, comfortable experience with a velveteen, suede, or fleece cover. These materials will not comprise the pillow itself, but merely its cover. Cotton and smooth plastic are ideal for hot climates while fleece is perfect for cold climates.

2. Washability

It is common knowledge that babies can be so tough and need immediate attention as you know they can drool or soil themselves and all other things that would either make the pillow dirty or leave an odor on it. Get that type that is easy to wash by machine and does not carry the odor easily for you to be safe. Find a washable pillow and a pillow-cover. If your travel pillow does not come with a removable cover, make sure that it can be washed in a laundry machine or dry-cleaned.

3. Size & Weight

How big is the pillow? Do you really want to or need to be hauling a bulky pillow around if you’re traveling? Choose a pillow that not only works for your child but also works for your travel style.

4.Value for money

Babies keep on growing, and we wish you all the best in that. However, as she grows, you will need to replace each and every time that pillow if you can buy that one which has expandable or expands then it will be the best thing for you. The best ones that will last for some time before you replace them would be better.

5.Medical Conditions and Health

Most manufacturers do not make the support pillows that are considered a risk for the health of the babies. However, the medics would recommend that you get a pillow that is dye free to ensure that your baby does not get infections. This is the priority for every parent as we love our dolls smiling and chuckling let’s keep them safe from such dangers.