Mission Trips to Haiti

Alleluia’s mission to Haiti comes in response to Isaiah 63 to go and “set the captives free”. Our mind-set is to “serve where needed” with the intent of spreading the Gospel and work to unite the body of Christ. We prayerfully give a witness of love by our lifestyle to all those we serve. To experience Jesus through the service of His people has the power to bring someone to salvation.

One of the ways we have served our brothers and sisters in Haiti is by sending members to teach for different period of times from 2 weeks to 6 months. Our youth also served in whatever way they could from evangelizing to fixing water pumps. To be a missionary in Haiti usually means to do whatever is needed; from feeding the starving to nursing wounds, from preaching to learning real faith in God by finding out first hand what it’s like to depend on the Lord for the next meal or for water to survive.

It is a privilege to be able to serve and to bring joy (even for one short moment) in whatever way possible to God’s people…especially to help set the captives free and unite His body on earth in response to the Holy Spirit.