Jesus is Our Lord!

The Alleluia Community is a multi-denominational Christian community formed in 1973. With more than ten denominations represented the members of Alleluia have built a rich community life based on commitment to Jesus Christ and his Lordship over our lives. Despite differences in doctrine and tradition, community members have found a high degree of unity in the basics of our faith. Since Alleluia is not a church or denomination, all members are required to be members in good standing of a denomination and church of their choice.

Alleluia Community seeks to develop a full life in Christ for families and singles, utilizing resources such as K-12 school, Christian neighborhoods, extensive teaching and formation programs, spiritual direction, pastoral care and many forms of mission outreaches. 

For those familiar with Christian movements such as Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Kairos and Tres Dias, Alleluia Community is the logical and practical application of the 4th day. For those familiar with para-church ministries such as Youth With a Mission (YWAM) or Operation Mobilization (OM), Alleluia could be thought of as a similar ministry, but with an emphasis on maintaining a family style spiritual environment similar to that which exists on the mission field.

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