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A Message to Christians Seeking Christian Community

Christian Community, done properly, fills a significant void today. It is possibly one of the most effective family support system going today and is a practical vehicle through which Christian families can walk together in the name of Jesus. For Christian singles the result is the same; for seniors, the same. And this even possible in a “multidenominational” setting — Protestant and Catholic. Are there differences and disagreements? Of course, but they are not great enough to keep disciples of Jesus from walking and working together. 

If you really want to live in a way that will bless and serve your church, your family, your ministry and your own walk with Jesus Christ, then Christian community is for you. To begin to build community some basic ingredients are important. Some of the most important of them are as follows: 

  • Eight to fifteen families and/or singles;
  • Lots of love, for God and for each other;
  • A willingness to learn about and benefit from other churches, denominations and traditions;
  • A willingness to serve others without asking for anything in return;
  • Financial support for the community, beyond the church tithe;
  • A willingness to make agreements to live a Biblical lifestyle (repairing wrongdoing, bringing loving correction, building up others, prayer, fasting, etc.);
  • A willingness to relocate, if necessary, to live near other community members;
  • A choice to recognize leadership gifts and to follow the direction set by leadership;
  • An openness to the full operation of the Holy Spirit within the life of the community;
  • A love and trust for God, His plan, His truth and His love for all people.

If these basic ingredients are present, please feel free to contact us and ask for someone to return a call to you about building Christian community.