Lyman St. (30906)

Lyman Street Clean-Up

About two or three blocks from Faith Village there is an impoverished, run-down neighborhood that we call Lyman Street. It is named as such because it is on Lyman Street. (We are not always original.) It is probably one of the worst neighborhoods in the sense that there are drug houses, homeless people, abused and neglected children and probably worse. The residents are there mainly because they have no other place to go.

It wasn’t that long ago when Faith Village was that neighborhood in South Augusta. After many years of improvement and cleanup FV looks like an oasis in the middle of a financial and spiritual desert. A few years back the Lord really impressed upon our hearts to see if we could minister to the poor in our own community. How could we say no?

Then came the idea (that only a few liked much less thought possible,) “Hey let’s clean up Lyman Street.” And so the work began and continues today. We began first by renting a large dumpster (the kind used in construction projects) and placing it in the middle of a vacant lot on Lyman Street. Then came a “Work Party.” Christians from the neighborhood (local churches and Alleluia Community) banded together to make that neighborhood clean. After 8 hours of work and a second dumpster we had barely made a dent in the neighborhood. But the fruit was immediately evident. The local residents saw first hand the love of Christ. Many decided that if there were people who were willing to come and clean the streets that they could help also.

The impact was tremendous. The clean up still goes on today and with the support of our local mayor and council. A few people have given their lives to Christ and made radical changes in their lives. We sill continue to “Take Possession of the Land” as Jesus asked us to do so many years ago. The fields are ripe and ready for the harvest.

Project 30906

If Project 30906 sounds like a zip code then once again you found that we are not extremely creative with naming schemes. We could have called it Many Other Churches and Alleluia (The acronym would be MOChA.) The idea is that We, the christians in south Augusta can do something to better our Community. No one is sure whether 30906 grew from the Lyman Street Clean Up or the other way around. Either way local pastors from the 30906 churches are working together to make a better place. Baptists, Charismatics, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians and more working together. Christ must be so pleased to see his children working and playing together rather than fighting. We hold so much in common and can do so much more together.

If this little blurb has inspired you to do the same in your area or you are local to south Augusta and want to get involved then please let us know. We would love to get you started in your own local ministries. The fruit is so good. (As Tony might say “It’s Great!”)