Our Covenant

The Alleluia Community Covenant

Jesus is our Lord!

The Lord has called us to make a solemn covenant with Him and with one another to be a people of praise. We accept the Lordship of Jesus in our lives, individually and as a people. He has destroyed our isolation and joined us together.

We commit ourselves fully subordinate to our primary covenants to marriage, celibacy and the church, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, intrusting our lives to Him and to each other in Him. We promise to build up, exhort, admonish and listen to one another; to be quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness; to assist each other in seeking His perfect will in things. 

In His joy and peace, therefore, we yield our lives to Jesus; everything past, present and we agree to:

  1. Love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  2. Be faithful to our commitments to community prayer, fellowship and service, seeking always the vision and the growth to which the Spirit is calling us.
  3. Accept responsibility for community order.
  4. Foster the growth of the community by accepting responsibility for a program of Christian initiation and formation in community life.
  5. Recognize the headship of the coordinators and agree to obey, correct, and pray for them.
  6. Accept our financial responsibility to the community.
  7. Be held to this covenant and to hold one another to it.

We promise to love one another and to call each other to holiness. We believe that this is the way God has chosen for our sanctification. We willingly ask Him to use it. We regard this as a solemn and serious commitment which we enter in good conscience, freely, and in faith.