Our Life

Our Life in Alleluia

We are a people seeking to help one another be obedient to God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; to live under His commandments in dedicated lives of love, holiness and joy; and to live a life of service to Jesus and to others, in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Alleluia Community is a community of men, women, children, families and single people from different Christian traditions who have heard a call from God to be a people who live under the Lordship of Jesus. In answering the call to community life we remain loyal to those traditions. We believe the Holy Spirit has called us together to witness to the Christian life, culture, and unity that God desires for all people. 

We are a community whose members have agreed to live out our lives in a committed order for the purpose of helping each other live a full Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our community life is more than a commitment on paper or in abstract theory; it is a daily living in committed relationships with brothers and sisters who make themselves available to one another to support each other in living the Christian life. The majority of our members live in the same neighborhood where they live next door to other community members.

One of the Ten Words the Lord gave us during the early years of the community was to “Be an alternate society”. In responding to that word we are striving to be a community where our “society” and “culture” are boldly and radically Christian. In this “alternate society” based on Christian principles our form of government is “Pastoral” guided by the social principles of “Solidarity” and “Subsidiarity”. We recognize the primacy of the Family as the foundational unity of society and uphold the sovereignty of the family in its role in the formation and education of children. 

A necessary part of the “Alternate Society” is the development of an “Alternate Culture” with ideas, practices, and prohibitions that provide a framework and context for living out the good news of Christian life. Although many cultures (Asian, European, Latino, etc.) are represented in the Community, the “Alleluia” culture is specifically Christian and the ideas and practices are guided by Christian principles.