Our School

The Alleluia Community School

The Alleluia Community School is a K through 12 school run and staffed by members of the Alleluia Community. Our main intent is to raise our children in an environment that is conducive to Christianity. Secondly, we want to give our children the best possible education in preparation for college. 

Our standards are high and our goals are met. Our school has a comfortable uniform (Kahki and Blue/White) which helps our children focus on school work not appearance. We field a boys’ soccer team, boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, and a girls’ volleyball team. Sports is important to our school. It helps to build character, determination and teamwork. We have placed in the National Association of Christian Athletes (NACA) tournament and our girls varsity team has won it three times. 

In order for children to attend the Alleluia Community School the parents must join the Community. Our school is funded entirely by members of the community. We receive no government funding.