Prayer Watch

Prayer Watch

Receiving the Watch

  • I receive the watch, ready and able to fulfill my responsibility. May God return to you ten-fold blessing for the time and energy you have invested on your watch.

The following prayers will be prayed out loud as part of each prayer watch

1. Beginning Prayer

  • Father God, I undertake this watch as a solemn responsibility on behalf of all my brothers and sisters in the Alleluia Community. I undertake it as part of fulfilling my covenant commitment. I will endeavor to be faithful to fulfill the purpose of the watch and to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I ask you to keep me alert and mindful and I ask you to hear our prayers as a community. It is our desire to live our lives fully under the Lordship, the protection, and the provision of Jesus. This is our primary prayer. We ask you to respond only to those prayers which live up to our primary prayer. We want to live fully, totally, and radically for Jesus and to further the coming of His kingdom. Guide me on this watch and help me and each of us to live out the covenant we have made to you and to one another.

2. The Covenant Prayer

  • Lord help each other of us to live our Covenant under the power and anointing of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, as I read the words of our covenant below, enable us with Your grace to live them fully for Your glory

The Alleluia Community Covenant

Jesus is our Lord!

  • The Lord has called us to make a solemn covenant with Him and with one another to be a people of praise. We accept the Lordship of Jesus in our lives, individually and as a people. He has destroyed our isolation and joined us together.
    We commit ourselves fully subordinate to our primary covenants to marriage, celibacy and the church, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, entrusting our lives to Him and to each other in Him. We promise to build up, exhort, admonish and listen to one another; to be quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness; to assist each other in seeking His perfect will in all things.
    In his joy and peace, therefore, we yield our lives to Jesus; everything past, present and future and we agree to:
    1. Love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ
    2. Be faithful to our commitments to community prayer, fellowship and service, seeking always the vision and the growth to which the Spirit is calling us. 
    3. Accept responsibility for community order. 
    4. Foster the growth of the community by accepting responsibility for a program of Christian initiation and formation in community life.
    5. Recognize the headship of the coordinators and agree to obey, correct, and pray for them. 
    6. Accept our financial responsibility to the community.
    7. Be held to this covenant and to hold one another to it.
    We promise to love one another and to call each other to holiness. We believe that this is the way God has chosen for our sanctification. We willingly ask Him to use it. We regard this as a solemn and serious commitment which we enter in good conscience, freely, and in faith.

3. The Ten Words Prayer

  • Lord we believe you have given us Ten Words to guide us in living out our covenant. Help us as a people to:
    1. Be one.
    2. Be holy.
    3. Owe no man.
    4. Heal the whole man.
    5. Prepare for tribulation.
    6. Become an alternate society.
    7. Join as a spiritual army.
    8. Prophecy to the church.
    9. Raise up shepherds.
    10. Take possession of the land.

4. Spiritual Warfare

  • Father you have shown us that we are resisted in living fully for you and for one another by the work of Satan and his evil spirits. We believe you have revealed a number of strongholds and other controlling spirits who war against us. We ask that you send angels to war in our behalf against these demonic forces.

We specifically pray against the strongholds of:

Witchcraft, Mammon, Confusion, Rebellion

  • And other strong spirits:

  • Death/Infirmity, Pride, Lust, Sorcery, Prayerlessness, Obtuse spirit, Gluttony, Insecurity/Rejection, Deception and any other spirit that is harassing us individually or communally. “I command you stronghold and spirits to leave us now – be gone in the Name of Jesus.”

5. The Unity Prayer

  • Father, You have called us into a unity that is difficult in this age because of the many denominational divisions. Help us to be faithful to our individual denominational calls in the manner which guards and protects the work of unity that You are doing in the Alleluia Community

6. Prayer For Leadership

  • Father, you have instituted leadership and authority as a means of guiding, protecting, and providing for us. Lord, we ask for grace for our Elders, Council, coordinators, Support Group Heads, Hand maids, Head Servants, Office Staff, School Staff, and the spouses and families of all you have called to lead this Alleluia people. We ask You to bless husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and all roles of family leadership. We ask You to bless our church and governmental Leaders. Lord, Strengthen us as a people to follow the leadership You have placed over us and to support it wholeheartedly through encouragement, correction, prayer, and openness.

7. Prayer For Protection & Good Health

  • Lord Jesus, we ask for Your protecting hand over all of our people. We pray that you will keep us from serious illness and that You will adjust our lifestyles where needed so that we can continue to live fully to build Your kingdom. We ask that You protect us from any form of calamity or accident and that You help us be prudent, careful, and attentive in all our undertakings. We ask You to protect all of our homes, cars, and possessions from thievery or vandalism and protect all of our people from any acts of violence. We ask you, Lord, to bring peace to each of our neighborhoods. Protect us when traveling and protect and sustain all those who are temporarily living or staying in locations outside of our usual domain. Lord, we ask that you protect us from all the designs of the enemy to hurt or hinder us. We acknowledge that You are sovereign over every area of our life. Lord, we trust in You.

8. Prayer for Provision

  • Lord Jesus, we ask You to provide for our physical and material needs individually and as a people. We ask You to provide good paying, meaningful jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed in our midst. Lord, teach us to be provident and resourceful and help us to in live Christian simplicity so that we may expand ourselves and our resources in building your kingdom.

9. Closing Prayer/ Commitment to Continue If Needed

  • Father, I am preparing to pass the watch on to another brother or sister. I am committed to remaining on watch until positive contact has been made with another Full Covenant member of Alleluia. I ask you to facilitate the process of me faithfully passing on the watch. I pray for my replacement and as you fill the coming watch with zeal and sensitivity to the leadings of the Holy Spirit.


  • I pass you the watch in solemn trust an pray God’s blessing on your time with Him on our behalf.


  • I receive the watch ready and able to fulfill my responsibility. May God return to you ten-fold blessings for the time and energy you have invested on your watch.