Way/Rule of Life

The Alleluia Community Way of Life and 
Guidelines/Agreements for Living in the Alleluia Community


  1. Our vision states that we are a community of people who have agreed to live out our lives in a committed order. Each member of our community has chosen in good conscience, freely and in faith, to associate himself or herself with other like-minded, free individuals to fulfill a particular purpose. This right to freely associate for a common purpose is protected by various church laws, Scripture and tradition. In choosing to associate with others we agree to focus our free will through structures and agreements in a manner that best provides for the accomplishment of the common good. We have three levels of membership: underway, full covenant, and associate.
  2. To successfully live together over a long time period requires clear agreement and requires relationships that both help us fulfill our agreements and hold us accountable to them. In our community we call these relationships of care and accountability headship. Caring for each other strengthens us to do what we have committed to do. Accountability acts as a friend of conscience to help individuals to continue to choose be faithful to their commitment.
  3. The order in our community contains our Way of Life and our Rule of Life. Our Way of Life expresses how we live out those aspects of life that we hold in common. This Way of Life supports and is supported by our Rule of Life. Our Rule expresses agreements we hold as basic to our ability to obey God and to live joyfully and righteously the call He has given us to live our common life.
  4. Two particular principles add support to our Way and Rule of Life: solidarity and subsidiarity. Solidarity means that each community member sees himself or herself as part of a people that work together and assist each other in living out a common vision. Subsidiarity requires that responsibility and authority be exercised at the appropriate level of our common life. Solidarity and subsidiarity show us how to place our individual rights at the service of the common good, take personal responsibility to see that our mission is fulfilled, and provide care and support for individuals where help is needed.
  5. To live out our call to the Alleluia Community as one people in solidarity, pursuing a common purpose, drawn by a common vision, and maintaining the freedom and joy that come from individual commitment takes heroic humility .This is possible if we accept the grace of our primary charism and most imposing challenge: to love one another.